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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Infinite Home Solutions offer free quotes?

Yes, Infinite Home Solutions will always offer you a free quote. Whether you need new electrical work or repairs, a quote on new outdoor or indoor lighting, or even a standby or whole home generator, we will make sure you know what the cost is before receiving a product or service.

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes, Infinite Home Solutions is licensed and insured. Our Florida license number is EC13011748.

Do I need a permit? Who will obtain it?

Yes, if your project requires a permit Infinite Home Solutions will handle this process. A permit ensures electrical work will be checked by a city inspector — an important safeguard for homeowners. It’s standard for electrical contractors (not homeowners) to pull any permits needed for a project.

I’ve lost power to an outlet and/or room lights but there aren’t any breakers tripped. What should I do?

First check any GFCI outlets in your home and reset them to see if that fixes the problem. Then if that is not it, re-check the breakers as sometimes they are hard to see if they have tripped at all. Reset the breaker where the issue is and see if that works.

How do I know if I have a defective electrical panel?

Old panels installed from the mid 1950’s to the 1980’s could have a faulty design if they were made by Federal Pacific or Zinsco. They can fail to trip, short circuit or even catch on fire. Many of them have lasted for years, but it doesn’t mean they are operating as they should. We are happy to inspect an old panel to see if it is working properly or not. If you have a panel that constantly trips for no reason, is overheating, makes weird noises, or smells of burning you should immediately contact us for emergency service.

When should I replace my carbon monoxide detectors?

Carbon monoxide detectors usually have a lifespan of about 10 years. Old detectors, over time, can lose their ability to detect carbon monoxide. If there is a battery backup you should replace these every 6 months.

What if I have light switches and outlets that don’t work?

Your light switches and or outlets may be damaged or have loose connections. Ignoring them can cause bigger issues over time if not fixed. Replacing or fixing these items should always be done by a professional and our team can identify where the problem truly is. It may just be an old outlet, but we want to make sure your home is safe from the unexpected.

Should I install a new ceiling fan on my own?

If you have never installed a ceiling fan before you should definitely have a professional handle the installation. Professional installation of a ceiling fan is important for various reasons such as proper wiring, mounting, and balancing. Also, depending on the height of the ceiling, climbing a ladder can be risky at times.

How do you test a GFCI outlet?

Simply push the RESET button on the GFCI outlet to prepare for testing, then plug in a nightlight or similar electrical device into the outlet, the light/device should turn on.

Now push the TEST button and the light or device should turn off. Complete the test by pushing the RESET button again and the light/device should turn back on.

If the light/device does not turn off during the test, then it could be wired incorrectly, improperly installed, damaged, or be at the end of its shelf life (about 10 years). This needs to be fixed as if it is not working properly the GFCI outlet will not provide shock protection in the event of using it.

Do I need to worry about flickering lights in my house?

Most homeowners will experience flickering lights from time to time, especially during a storm. But if it happens frequently, such as light bulbs burning out and the lights dimming randomly it may be the sign of a more serious issue. Sometimes there may be loose connections in light switches, outlets, or your electric panel. These loose connections could cause Arcing which happens when electricity jumps from one connection to another. In serious cases this could cause a fire, which should be addresses immediately.

Electrician Services

Have you been searching for “Electrician Near Me?” in Cape Coral or Fort Myers? Infinite Home Solutions provides any residential electrician service you may need for your home and our promise is the best customer service experience, every time.

All of our services are provided by Certified & Licensed Electricians who truly care about serving our community and its residents. Our team of highly trained technicians will diagnose, repair, install, and maintain every aspect of electrical in your home.

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